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Types of Accommodation in London

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When thinking of London, one of the first things that will come to mind is the entertainment. Noteworthy attractions such as the London Zoo, the Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral or Buckingham Palace, attract millions of tourists to the UK every year. When planning a trip to London, the last thing anyone wants to be concerned about is the cost of their hotel stay. So is a London hotel an expensive proposition?

Hotel booking agencies have grown tremendously over the last few years, making the market highly competitive, resulting in valuable discounts for consumers. Whether you are looking for something from bed and breakfasts to 5 Star hotels on a budget, or looking to spend a little extra, finding discount hotels in London is possible.

Bed and breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts can be one of the cheapest accommodations in London. They can offer guests the simplest of accommodations without having to pay for all of the “extras”. Bed and Breakfasts have more of a “cozy” feeling, as most are small family-owned businesses and have just a few rooms, giving the guest more personal attention than would be received in a hotel.


Hostels are also available in London. Some hostels have private rooms, while others have dorms which room from 6 to sometimes 20 people at once. These are great for someone on a budget or just “passing through”. They are anything but luxury, however normally offer bars and restaurants, self-catering kitchens and other facilities.

Apart hotels

Apart hotels in central locations around London have become popular as well. These are usually studio to 1-bedroom apartments that have things such as an individual kitchen, television and telephone. The rates are often compared to those of a 3 Star hotel in London.


Most 2 to 3 Star hotels are considered the most popular and readily available hotels in London. Most are a mix of both independent hotels and brand name hotels, usually located north of Hyde Park. 4 Star London hotels usually have the best deals on the weekends and during the holidays; businessmen who travel to London during the week have left for the weekend, offering availability to those traveling during those days. The majority of these hotels are owned by large chain companies, but offer visitors bargain rates and often offer promotional rates for stays.

Luxury hotels

Luxury London hotels are all 5 Star hotels, and are available in Central London. Many of these hotels are landmarks and well-known to many around the world. Family accommodations are also available at these hotels, and are also known to complete in the holiday seasons and on the weekends.

Top 5 Best Pride Events in The World

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Pride is a fantastic celebration of equality and rights for the LGBT community around the world. Check out our list of the what we think are the best Pride events around the world.

1. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is the home to many bright, alternative and adventurous people. Being the gay capital of the USA as to be expected has the largest and best pride event in the country. San Francisco Pride takes place in last weekend of June every year and consists of over 200 parade contingents, 300 exhibitions and 20 stages and venues which in previous years has played host to famous artists including Lady GaGa and The Backstreet Boys. San Francisco is the pride event that anyone in the LGBT community should hope to visit in their lifetime.

2. Manchester, United Kingdom

Canal Street Sign, Manchester

Manchester is one of the most gay friendly cities in the world and like San Francisco is the gay capital of it’s retrospective country. Pride takes place in Manchester in the last week of August over the bank holiday weekend, helping to end the summer in a spectacular manner. The parade plays hosts to all members of the LGBT community and the festivals takes place not only in Canal Street-which is the main street in Manchester’s gay district but rather the entire city for the weekend. Manchester pride event encompasses art, music and cultural events helping to strengthen the relationship between LGBT community and wider community.

3. Amsterdam , The Netherlands

Amsterdam pride takes place along the canal with the parade taking place over the city’s main canal ways. Beyond the parade, Amsterdam night life has many gay and cruising bars as well as gay shops and saunas.  the pride festival takes place on the last weekend of July annual and beyond the festival there are many tourist attractions and bars to visit making Amsterdam a perfect summer destination.

4. Milan, Italy


Milan has the biggest gay scene in the Northern regions of Italy with bars and clubs scattered throughout the city rather than having a distinctive zone. To attend gay clubs throughout the year and pride events in Milan a members card is needed costing €15. Milan pride takes place in late June hosting a wide array of events over a week- making it a longer occasion than most pride festivals. With having good, hot Italian weather and a plethora of events, Milan Pride Festival is not to be missed.

5. Sydney, Austraila

Sydney pride festival take place in June each year, providing work-class performance artists and events taking place across the city- Sydney houses one of the best pride events in the Southern hemisphere.

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Planning A Commitment Service

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Gay marriage is not always the answer for same sex couples that want to make a public commitment to each other. For many people in same gender relationships a commitment ceremony is the best decision and allows the couple to declare their love for one another  among family and friends in a formal way. there are lots of different options and styles you can go with and with so much choice it would be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. it is essential that a commitment ceremony represents you and your partners love and bond. It should remain true to your style from the clothes, the venue and of course what you will say to each other.

Here are a few to tips for the perfect day:

– First of all you must let all your friends and family know that they are invited to your ceremony. This can be done through printed invites, emails or even bringing them all out for a lovely meal and announcing it.

-When writing your speech make sure to express yourself fully, don’t hold back in letting your partner now how much they mean to you. Try using some poetry or even song yrics from your favorite songs if you get a bit stuck for words.

-Think about how you will enter the venue. Will it be together? or separate? Alternatively you can have somebody give you both away. And those people might want to say a few words too.

-Include your guests, so not even just the people that might be giving you away, but ask your guests if they would like to say a piece at the ceremony. Commitment services are alot more free then traditional gay weddings so its your opportunity to really make it your own.

– You can also download a commitment certificate to from So you are your other half can sign it. Your can also invite your guests to sign it too.

– As for attire you can wear anything you like, but you should try to incorporate the same colour as your decorations and invites.

-Make sure that you have enough rehearsal time to make sure that everything is going to run on time and perfect.

-Add some personal touch, whether its a special parting gift for your guests or some cool performance at the after party. Make sure to put your stamp on the day.

-Look online at gay weddings for inspiration although different ceremony’s you can draw some comparisons and create a really unique event. There are hundred of gay marriage websites to choose from.

-Book venue and cars in advance so to avoid disappointment

-Make arrangement for your honeymoon well in advance too

-Give yourself time too book everything and more  importantly enough time to save money.

The most important tip:

Enjoy your day make sure that you take a moment to remember why you are going through all this effort.


Luxury Hotels In Barcelona

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Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is among the biggest cities in Spain. It is second just to Madrid and is among the most prominent European cities. It takes pleasure in an around the world acknowledged trendsetting image. In addition, it has a very varied art and cultural scene.

So, when you’re in a city as steeped in tradition and culture as Barcelona, why opt for anything less than the best? Start your holiday with a classy and extravagant bang by remaining at the luxury hotels in Barcelona Very couple of hotels on the planet can match the opulence and charming service offered in these hotels. The city itself is renowned for great living and gastronomic deals with. It is, therefore, no wonder that a remain in any of the five-star hotels in Barcelona will genuinely be an unbelievable experience for weary tourists.

Hotel Arts Barcelona.

Hotel Arts Barcelona is one such hotel. Arguably the most popular amongst first-class hotels in Barcelona, Hotel Arts offers impressive views of the marina and port location. The view can be seen regardless of your lodgings. You might reserve a suite, double space, or a glamorous duplex apartment and be equally dealt with to a magnificent feast for the eyes.

Hotel Arts of Barcelona is had by the Ritz Carlton Group. It is situated in the marina area of Port Olimpico. If you are looking for design, beauty, and a picturesque beach place, then the Hotel Arts is the perfect location for you. The staff are courteous and friendly, and they will certainly indulge you like royalty.

Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel

My individual favorite among the five-star hotels in Barcelona is the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel. As its name recommends, this hotel is in Barcelona’s marina location. It sits extremely close to the area where cruise liner dock. Like the Hotel Arts, the Grand Marina Hotel Barcelona offers remarkable view of the marina area. It also provides visitors first class lodging and all set access to the heart of the city.

Le Meridien

If prepared access to the city is what matters the most to you, then you can not get a better choice than Le Meridien. The hotel is on the popular Ramblas, the center of Barcelona’s stress. Like other five-star hotels, it takes pride in an amazing view of the Ramblas. Unfortunately, the hotel’s biggest draw also shows to be its biggest problem. Because the majority of the spaces in La Meridien neglect the Ramblas, guests can anticipate a little street sound. If you believe you would not mind this, then book yourself into the Le Meridien. A basic double room can cost you between 330 and 360 Euros.

Claris Hotel Barcelona

The Claris Hotel Barcelona has an interesting geometric shape. Like La Meridien, the Claris Hotel is not far from where the action is. It sits at the crossway of two busy roadways, and while this makes the hotel available to almost any automobile, guests can anticipate to be subjected to a little roadway noise.

The Palace Hotel Barcelona

The Palace Hotel is not much various from the Claris and La Meridien, although it definitely is more pricey. For a double room at the Palace Hotel, expect to pay 380 to 550 Euros a night. The Palace Hotel lies in the modern part of town. It sits near various cafes, bars, and stores. It is also involved by lots of historic buildings and is not far from the city’s finest shopping area.

Hotel Melia Barcelona

This hotel’s area is not as accessible as the others and is, thus, not as helpful for sightseeing compared to other luxury hotels in Barcelona. However, it is only a ten-minute bow out the nearby metro stop, and from this starting point, one can go throughout the city. What sets this hotel apart, aside from the distance? Residents and guests assert Hotel Melia serves the very best breakfast in the area!

A stay in any of the first-class hotels in Barcelona will certainly make your trip genuinely remarkable. Eventually, however, it is not simply your choice for luxury that you need to consider however the health of your pockets.


Cheap Hotels in London

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Online hotel reservation permits you to reserve a hotel in advance to practically any location worldwide. There are lots of quality websites on the Internet that offer online hotel reservation centers to around the world locations. The majority of these websites likewise provide special hotel discount rate rates, virtual hotel trips, a list of hotel room facilities, hotel reservation tips and a lot more service to make your option easier.

Why reserve hotels online?

  1. There are numerous advantages of reserving your hotel online. A few of them are as follows:
  2. A lot of online hotel reservation web sites enable you to take a virtual trip of discount luxury hotels so that can assist you to choose better.
  3. As online reservation web sites have hundreds of hotel listings, you get a possibility to compare between various savings hotel rates, hotel features and spruce up on the best deal.
  4. You can get direct access to any hotel price cuts, special deals or hotel occasions and cash-in on them.
  5. Online hotel reservations are much faster than standard techniques enabling you to book a hotel room way in advance.
  6. Numerous online reservation web sites give you information regarding price cut hotels and mix offers enabling you to save up on cash.
  7. You can get access to hotel brochures, price cut coupons, festive offers and more.
  8. Most hotels offer ‘cancellation policies’ on your hotel reservations that provide you versatility.
  9. Things to Check before/after hotel reservation
  10. Check affordable hotel rates for extra individual, consisted of breakfast, parking facilities, hotel shuttle bus services, pet policies and so on
  11. Check and thoroughly check out the cancellation policy the hotel provides
  12. Look for unique rate of interest if any
  13. Examine if the hotel provides special client requests (consumer request center permits you to book a space of your selection).
  14. Examine if the room rate is per person or per night.
  15. Look for status of your reservation through mails/websites and ask if delayed.
  16. Make certain your hotel reservation is verified (typically confirmation needs to happen in 2 -5 hours for real time reservations).

It is not essential to pay lavish costs. Deals are discovered daily, whether it’s an overage of seats on a specific airline, or unreserved space in significant hotels; there is a sensible travel bundle with your budget in mind.

Travel agents of course, will certainly have the ability to find some good deals, but when the skilled traveler uses the Internet, it opens an entire brand-new selection of travel offers. While the rates are unrivalled sometimes, there are some steps that have to be required to ensure that you are in fact, getting not only a good travel bundle, however also, an excellent one! All of these will package airfare, hotel, automobile, as well as schedule significant destinations or home entertainment at the click of a button. The prices are typically much lower than an agencies marketed package cost, and are just as trusted. Cruise travel plans under the spending plan classification have actually ended up being as popular as flight and are also provided through Web travel companies.

For some great deals on last minute deals check out:

Also for information on 3 Star Hotels Click Here


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Dublin Guide

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Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and lies on the East coastline. It is renowned for its Irish custom and the friendly atmosphere that is developed by the residents. Regardless of being the biggest city in Ireland, it is relatively compact and can be seen on foot.

Dublin History

Hundreds of years ago Dublin was a trading point for servants and silver. At the time it was managed by the Viking armed force. Years later on in 1169, the city was taken over by the Normans. After a short period of power they Normans gave the city as much as English colonial administration. The Easter Rising of 1916 was the turning point of the city and the end of the UK’s impact on. From this point onwards the city was run by the Anglo Irish Treaty that eventually formed the Republic.

How to Get to Dublin

Dublin has a global Airport making it quickly available by air. National Bus services are likewise available to and from the city. If your are travelling for business Dublin has great corporate Chauffeur Services The rail alternatives are costly and often restricted.

Accommodation Options

Hostels, accommodations, and bed and breakfasts are the most common accommodation alternatives. These are scattered around the city in abundance and cater for all budget plans and requirements. There are a couple of elegant hotels located on the north side of the city for those who choose that option.

Sights and Tourist attractions

Dublin has a huge history so there are plenty of historical functions to take a look at. The Christchurch Cathedral is a middle ages focal point in the centre of the city. If you want a city’s character, feel and history then go to Grafton Street, Dublin Castle and the Irish Parliament. Also take a look at the Joyce, Dublin Writers and National museums as these are conventional to the city of Dublin.


If shopping is your thing then you are best off going to Grafton Street, St Stephens Green and Henry Street. These streets offer all the fashion brand names in addition to electronic devices and jewelry. You can likewise find unique mementos in the small gift shops and boutique shops down a few of the small streets.

Dining Selections

There are bars and dining establishments all over Dublin. Most of dining establishments mostly offer conventional club food although all international cuisine can be found within the city.


The Leading 10 Funky Hotels

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When it pertains to selecting a vacation, we are all spoilt for option. There are thousands of locations available through travel agents and on the Internet. Nevertheless, the problem is that most plans only provide accepted kinds of vacations. Simply puts, if you are searching for something unusual then you really need to search for it.

When looking for a funky hotel or vacation, you ought to start investigating the marketplace a few months before the day you want to leave. Cool hotels are not widely advertised as such, specifically if you fall into an older age bracket. They are normally only provided in uncommon bundle vacations that are marketed to individuals below thirty. Nevertheless, to give you a head start on your research study, the leading 10 cool hotels on the planet are explained listed below.

1. Katerina City Hotel, Moscow – This Russian hotel boasts a prime area just a few minutes stroll from the sites of the city, in addition to the entertainment and nightlife. It is embellished in pastel and lightwood to offer a more relaxed feel and is hence informal. The food is good, the environment laid back and the contemporary feel makes it a lovely location to stay if you are searching for something out of the ordinary.

2. The Mosser Hotel, San Francisco – This hotel has actually produced a culture of its own. The environment is very relaxeded and unwinded. Its claim to fame is that it has the only hotel recording studio in the city! It is likewise only a few minutes away from the store and nightlife areas of the city.

3. Caesar’s Palace Hotel, Las Vegas – The name states all of it. This hotel lies on the strip and so has immediate access to the casinos, clubs and bars. The hotel itself is extremely classy, offering exceptional guest service, a medspa and fitness suite and fantastic food. The area makes it funky, but the sheer luxury of the hotel serves to increase that. It world famous for for people who want to have a quick wedding.

4. Creatif Hotel Elephant, Munich – As soon as you lay eyes on the hotel, you understand instantly that it is cool! The front is repainted a variety of obstructed colours, and the inner spaces are embellished the same way. It boasts modern facilities and access to all the Munich’s piece de resistances without its guests being disrupted by the noise of the hectic city.

5. Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo – Found in Shinjuku, this hotel is an incredible sight as you approach it. It attracts attention above the other structures due to the fact that it is lit up and looks really excellent. All the facilities are modern and of the cutting-edge innovation. It is located within a short distance of the city centre and offers an excellent location to relax.

6. Splendid Plaza Hotel, Shanghai – Found in the heart of Shanghai, this hotel is a brief distance from all of the main attractions of the city. All its 182 rooms are modern-day and geared up with up-to-date centers. It offers a range of food options from around the globe too. There is no better place to stay in China.

7. K-Port Inn, Dubai – At first look, this hotel seems to be no various from any other. It could even be described as stately … till you walk through the door! It is in the city centre and offers modern provided rooms with all the most recent amenities. Nevertheless, it has Iranian and Arabic clubs, an American discotheque and an English bar on site! You can not get any funkier than that!

8. Grand Oasis Resort, Cancun – This hotel’s appearance is remarkable. It is a gigantic pyramid located in the heart of Cancun that appears to be increasing from the Earth! You can play golf or push its half-mile beach up until your heart’s material. You might likewise sit in one of the 7 bars, or participate with other 2 themed parties the hotel holds weekly. The selection is yours.

9. Leonardo Hotel, Prague – This is a converted Post House in the centre of Prague. It is absolutely beautiful and very cool! The room décor incorporates timeless and modern-day designs with skill and provides an enjoyable and comfortable place to stay.

10. The Bellclaire Hotel, New york city City – This hotel is cool mainly because of its crazy and friendly surrounding environment. It is in the heart of the city and is within strolling range of everything you would ever want to see in the city. It is extremely elegant but also extremely contemporary. It was built in 1903 and is a wonderful location to stay for any tourist.

If you are looking for something different from your break then remaining in a funky hotel might be the method to go for you. The hotels above all have their own distinct quality that makes them stick out from the rest and staying in them may simply boost your break significantly.